Open week 2019 starts with the Wikford Carnival

Saturday was the 100th Annual Wickford Carnival and an important part of 3 star training for the Wickford Cadets

15 September 2019

Corporal Dean Baldwin was tasked with organising all of the roles for the cadets for the Wickford Carnival. Cadet in the Community is an integral part of the cadet syllabus and events such as these are very important for the cadets involved.

Cpl Baldwin gives his account of the experience:

We set up the stand with a display of fieldcraft equipment to showcase an important and intriguing part of cadets and to show the public what sort of things we do. We also helped guide the floats and cars to their positions to ensure everything went smoothly for everyone and then marched down, presenting our drill skills in the public eye. It went well and the recruitment team interacted with young people to invite them to the open night.