National Clay Competition

On the weekend of the 21st of June Essex ACF sent 2 teams of cadets and 3 CFAV’s to the National Cadet Clay Shooting Championships held at Cambridge Gun Club. Organised by the Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting (CCRS), for 13 years now the competition brings together teams from the Army Cadet Force, RAF Air Cadets and Combined Cadet Force for 2 days of Clay Shooting in various disciplines.

28 June 2019

This year the competition consisted of:

English Sporting: This discipline is where almost anything goes! Targets are thrown in a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and distances and the discipline was originally devised to simulate live quarry shooting.

Down the Line: Targets are thrown to a distance of 45 to 50 metres at a fixed height of approximately 2.75m and with a horizontal 'spread' of up to 22 degrees either side of the centre line. Each competitor shoots at a single target in turn, but without moving from the stand until he or she have all shot five targets. Then they all move one place to the right and continue to do so until they have all completed a standard round of 25 birds.

The top 2 cadets from each service were invited to enter into an inter service English Skeet Competition that consisted of: Targets are thrown in singles and doubles from 2 trap houses situated some 40 metres apart, at opposite ends of a semi circular arc on which there are seven shooting positions. The targets are thrown at set trajectories and speeds.

This year Essex ACF won some awards with Sgt Kai Burridge of Warley Detachment (A Coy) winning a Bronze Medal in the Down the Line Individual shot. We also had a first for Essex ACF and maybe the competition as a whole with 2 sisters winning the same award over 2 years running! The female high gun (Top scoring female) won by Staff Sgt Olivia Whittle of Dunmow Detachment (B coy), this was also won last year Cpl Isabella Whittle of Dunmow Detachment (B Coy) so a great achievement for the family! The awards were presented by the guest of honour Captain M J C Magan RN (MCTA) who is head of Royal Navy Shooting and also a CCRS Trustee.

Overall the competition was won by Ampleforth College CCF who put on the very strong display of skilled shooting, Essex ACF B team came 7th and Essex ACF A team came 8th out of 31 teams of the ACF and ATC (CCF scored separately). Out of just the ACF both teams came 3rd and 4th so a great achievement by all the cadets.

In attendance at the competition was the head talent scout for British Shooting & Team GB and a couple of our cadets within the teams have been noticed for their shooting abilities so watch this space on that. Unfortunately, this year some of our top Clay shooters are due to age out meaning for the competition next year we are on the lookout for keen clay shooters within Essex ACF. In the coming months we hope to be able to hold some clay shooting days to talent scout potential entrants with the hope of fielding 3 teams next year. If you are interested, please speak to your Company Shooting officer.

Thanks must go to the event organisers namely Daffyd Marston from the CCRS and Flight Lieutenants Allan & Marise White from the RAF Air Cadets for making the event run so smoothly.

Finally a big thankyou to the CFAVs and cadets from across Essex ACF for making this event possible.