Fresh from Training!

Last week I went away on my AIC ( advanced instructors course) within the ACF ( Army Cadet Force ).... A new instructor tells us about her training during the Febuary half term.

27 February 2019

On Friday 15th February I said goodbye to my 3 daughters and travelled to Beckham training camp for 7 days of learning how to become the best adult instructor I can be! Not only did I learn ways to deliver lessons and train cadets safely in new skills but I also learnt a great deal about myself, I made lifelong friends along the way and memories I will treasure for every.

My AIC started off with the normal power points on safety and getting arranged into our sections for the rest of the course and wow what a section we became! All strangers on that Friday to lifelong friends come the following Friday. The training team were brilliant and understood that we were all adult volunteers from all walks of life with different skill sets. We got taught how to deliver lessons to cadets, we delivered 2 assessed lessons during the week which I found very insightful receiving feedback on good areas and areas I could change or improve, but the course wasn’t just about sitting behind a desk all day every day , oh no the real was to be had outside!

We got outside for a lot of hands on experience from day and night navigation, which was so much fun especially seeing how an area can change so much from the darkness of night, to ranges and feildcraft.

During the week we got to spend some time on the outdoor live ranges, we were shown how to shoot and coached on how to achieve good grouping. I managed to achieve a grouping of 120 which I was so chuffed with, I enjoyed it so much and now understand why Cadets get so excited. It’s easy to see why there is so much enjoyment to be had from learning how to safely use a weapon system which is a skill in itself.

During the feildcraft phase we got to stay out on the area overnight which was fun sleeping under the starts eating army issue rations and ended on a high carrying out a section attack with skills we had learnt through the week, moving across the area firing blank rounds and throwing smoke Grenades for cover, not your everyday course.

During this week I’ve learnt so much and my confidence and self-belief has grown so much I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and had so much fun in the process, I’m not a military person I’m a 32 year old mom of 3 daughters aged 11, 6 and 1 years old I’m not fittest of people but I have a lot to give and enjoy working with young adults so much. I’ve found working with the ACF so rewarding over my time, not only learning and gaining new skills and qualifications but also being able to pass them on to our next generation of young adults.

I am really looking forward to my future within the ACF with further courses that I would like to do and skills I’d like to gain. I look forward to annual camps away with the cadets, my advice to anybody going on there AIC is just go for it be yourself and enjoy it you will gain so much from it.

Anybody thinking about going the ACF you have nothing to lose but loads to gain it was the best decision I have ever made when I joined and so far, I have loved every minute of my journey within the ACF.

PSI Langley