D coy "Big Bang" Fieldcraft weekend

A great way to end Half term!

27 February 2019

As the half term holidays drew to a close in Essex our cadets had one more challenge left in store the D Company ‘Big Bang’ weekend! Working from our exclusive training area “Friday woods”, Colchester.

The weather was absolutely fantastic, and cadets had the opportunity to train and test the a number of elements of the fieldcraft syllabus. There was also the opportunity for a night navigation and patrol exercise which all the cadets seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

Away from the field training took place on the .22 Range, including a competition shoot as a part of a national postal challenge.

At the end of the weekend Lt Col Barr-Jones the Deputy Commandant in charge of training for Essex presented a number of promotions, awards, star passes and Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre qualifications.

Many of the senior cadets who helped out with the 1* cadre had just come off training during the half term "Senior week" even though they were all very tired from a hard week, they put 100% effort into assisting with the 1* cadre and were a real credit to themselves.

All the cadets had a great weekend.