Commandant’s Final Note

Commandant’s Vision & Mission....... Colonel Leona Barr-Jones says thank you in her words........

7 August 2019

My Vision is to run a vibrant Cadet Force, accessible to all young people in Essex and to build a fully supported and inclusive environment, fully engaged in the community it serves. Through embracing the Army’s traditions, ethos and standards, we will provide a Cadet Experience that is structured, challenging and progressive.

Each and every one of my team of volunteers has put an immense amount of effort, hard work and dedication into planning and delivering this year’s Annual Camp and I am delighted to say that we have already made great strides towards achieving my vision and my mission. Which is to build a confident, sustainable and inclusive training environment in order to safely deliver the Cadet Experience. I am delighted to say that the Cadet Experience and training programme for our cadets and adults on Annual Camp has been truly excellent. Thank you.

VIP Visitors Impressed

On top of delivering this excellence, we have hosted over 20 VIP visitors who are our key stakeholders and supporters, each and every one of them has left with no doubt in their mind that Essex ACF really is one of the best ACF Counties in the country. Here are some of the comments from our visitors:

“What an amazing gathering of motivated, fun, engaging Army Cadets doing exceptional things”

Lt General Ty Urch, Commander Home Command

“Wow, what a cracking unit! No picture can do justice to the experience I had at Essex ACF - CFAVs and cadets are all a credit to their county"

Colonel Marc Godfrey, Colonel Cadets East Anglia, 7th Brigade

End State

My End State is to lead a fully supported, inclusive and values-based team of Volunteers, in order “To Inspire To Achieve” the next generation of young people in Essex to be the best that they can be. I want all adults to leave this Annual Camp knowing that they have been a role model and an inspiration to all of the cadets that have been with us over the last two weeks; the cadets have all achieved great things, some more than they ever thought was possible and the instructors of the county have absolutely put them on the road to becoming the best that they can be.

Wishing all my Instructors and Cadets a safe journey home and a restful Summer, safe in the knowledge that they have made a difference!