After Annual Camp

12 August 2018

By Corporal Lucy Loughran age 17 from Canvey Island Detachment C Company

Stepping onto the coach on Thursday morning, just felt as if a generation of my life is about to end. Warcop was my 5th and final annual camp as a Cadet and the thought of 'you may not see many of the people again' because of them either aging out or starting their careers in the armed forces was in the back of my mind, which made me a little sad but I know I can still talk to them online.

I was beatific as I was finally going home to see my family and my dog. The coach ride was long but fun as I got to spend time with the people I spent 10 days with previously for the final time. Blaring out music such as Michael Jackson and many other funny and irrelevant songs which make the times with cadets so special. The most memorable time on the coach was singing along to all the songs, which to me gives a sense of warmth and welcome into the ACF.

As the Coach pulled up to Leigh on Sea detachment and I saw my mum and dad, I couldn’t have got off the coach quick enough. I gave them the biggest hug as I missed them dearly, I was ecstatic. It felt like a lifetime since I last saw my parents, even though it was only 10 days. We picked up my kit and went straight home, I told them what we got up to and they seemed very intrigued in what I had to say.

We pulled up on to the driveway and my sisters and brother came and gave me a hug and showed how much they missed me. We sat down to have dinner which was a roast dinner ( i was REALLY looking forward to it), it was the nicest thing I have had to eat since the day I left for camp. Even when the food at camp was okay, nothing can top my mums roast dinner.

The best bit about camp has got to be the Star 4 first aid, it was relaxed and i was participating in my favourite Army Proficiency Certificate subject within the Army Cadet Force. I wasn’t a big fan of room inspections, as you always had the worry of your room being good enough or not.

The thing I will miss the most about annual camp is when in the room at lights out most of us will have our conversations about the day and what some cadets got up to that day and what they are doing the next day. The first night in my own bed felt like i was laying on a cloud, it was luxury. I slept all the way through until about 10 am.

On Friday I started to unpack my kit and sorted out what needed washing etc. I just stayed in and spent time with my sister as I missed her 13th birthday due to Camp. It was literally a lazy day in Pyjamas watching films and eating snacks.