A night of goodbyes in Braintree

Braintree says farewell to two senior cadets

18 September 2019

Yesterday evening was the last night for our Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), Joshua Messina of Braintree who turns 18 this week. His birthday signals the end of his exceptional Army Cadet career spanning 5 years. Cadet RSM Messina has achieved every accolade available in his time with the Essex Army Cadet Force. Last night his achievements were celebrated by fellow cadets, his Company Commander, the RSMI and the Commandant. Joshua was given presentations on behalf of Braintree and Essex, before giving an inspirational speech to the cadets of the unit, and a thank you to the volunteers that was truly heartwarming. When the 17-year-old had finished talking, there was one last presentation. He received a Commandant's Commendation, which as the Colonel awarded she said: "It's been brilliant seeing this young man achieve so much". Joshua told the fellow cadets how he believed that every cadet in Braintree can go on to achieve great things.

Also, last night was the final night of Staff Sergeant Austin who is leaving to pursue a career in the Royal Marines. His grueling Commando course is just weeks away. The D Company Commander said how the youngster had a cheeky way about him, that has helped him go far.

It was an emotional night for the cadets and the volunteers saying goodbye to two of their most respected cadets. Essex ACF wishes both of the youngsters all the best for their futures.

Also during the parade, there were presentations of star 3 badges and Master Cadet awards.