A day by the track

The 2019 Essex ACF Athletics Championships

13 April 2019

Almost 200 Cadets gathered at the Colchester Garrison athletics tracks for the 2019 Athletics championship. The weather was changeable, and anticipation was high. A variety of Track and Field Disciplines where set to be practised under the watchful eye of the Sports Officer SMI Freeman.

At 11.30 the final briefings were made and our Cadets and volunteers set out to start competing when an April shower decided to fall and put a halt on the day before it had begun! While some cadets even proclaimed it to be ‘Snowing’ everyone took shelter in the clubhouse and waited for the storm to pass. Luckily the wait was not long. Soon the cadets were up and running, the 100 metre running was the first event underway and was hotly contested. The other events then began in earnest and it was great to see such enthusiastic competition from the youngsters.

While some cadets clearly had great sporting prowess and talent other cadets where just pleased to be taking part. With many trying their hand at a different sporting activity for the first time.

The Colonel was on hand to give out medals during the event, and was very pleased with the achievements of the cadets.

The points from each event where collated and a winning Company was announced, with B Company taking top honours. A massive well done to all the cadets involved and a triumphant day despite the weather.