A County of Winners

Essex ACF has an illustrious history of sporting sucsess and this year we hope to do even more!

30 January 2020

In 2019 Essex ACF was involved in almost every major UK Cadet Force sporting event. Everything from Athletics to Football, Swimming, Rugby, Cross Country running and orienteering, as well as a host of other events and activities.

This year our calendar promises to be even more jam-packed. Our 2020 sporting year has already started with our first county event being a Football training & selection weekend held recently in Colchester. This weekend saw cadets coached & selected by our County Sports Officer and her team. The Cadets selected will represent the Essex ACF at The Eastern region competition and hopefully then at nationals.

The Eastern region event is on the 8th February. We hope to have lots of live updates on our social streams!

Also coming soon on our sporting agenda is The Eastern Region Rugby competition, with the training & selection event taking place the day after the Football contest. making it a busy weekend for our coaching teams. Our instructional team are indeed happy to help and be involved especially given the success that our cadets have endured in the past and our natural aspirations to carry on the good work! Our cadets are reigning Regional & National champions in most ACF sports, thus meaning there are lots of reasons to work hard and play hard, not least in order for us to hold on to our hoard of silverware.

Football and Rugby dominate the first quarter of our sporting Calendar then all eyes turn to the Athletics track. Our Annual Athletics event can be a spectacular event in the past it's even been known for Olympic athletes to come and visit our Cadets to provide some coaching advice and even to hand out the trophies as well! We hope that many of our young people in Essex will find their way to the national event in June!

The summer months focus on Cross Country running before the autumn leaves fall and we move inside to the swimming pools towards the end of the year.

Each event takes dedication and hard work from the cadets as well as planning and assistance from our adults. We hope that all the Sporty Cadets of Essex keep up the good work that they are known for and we look forward to sharing tales of victory over the next twelve months!