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  • We’re looking for more adults to ‘go further’ with county-wide recruitment campaign

    12 April 2017

    Dyfed and Glamorgan ACF is hoping to attract new volunteers across its detachments with a brand new recruitment campaign launched this spring. The campaign features a variety of adverts across the county and aims to...

  • G (Welsh Guards) Company Master Cadet

    G (Welsh Guards) Company Master Cadet

    4 January 2017

    After a busy and action packed weekend at Penally, Brawdy and Templeton Training area. G (Welsh Guards) Company achieved all its aims and delivered APC training across various subjects including SAA, fieldcraft, drill...

  • NSPCC Moonlight Challenge

    NSPCC Moonlight Challenge

    4 January 2017

    Cadets and Adult Instructors from Dyfed & Glamorgan ACF had the opportunity to undertake the Snowdon Moonlight Challenge. On completing registration they settled down for the evening before their walk up...

  • Wales V Japan Rugby Match at Principality Stadium.

    Wales V Japan Rugby Match at Principality Stadium.

    4 January 2017

    Army Cadets and Adults from 160 Brigade were treated to a special day in Cardiff for the Wales V Japan rugby match at the Principality stadium and also a tour of Cardiff castle. But that was not all, before the match...

  • Royal Artillery Cadet Trophy Competition 2014.

    Royal Artillery Cadet Trophy Competition 2014.

    20 September 2014

    Dyfed and Glamorgan took part in and won the Royal Artillery Cadet Trophy 2014. The competition is run twice a year, the first in the South and the second in the North. The competition although specifically aimed at RA...

  • Duke of Edinburgh

    Duke of Edinburgh

    21 August 2014

    Consider what the DoE could do for you. Cadets from D&G spent four days on a very challenging Gold DoE expedition on Exmoor National Park. One cadet said he was looking forward to completing their DoE Gold Award soon...

  • Welsh Memorial in Flanders

    Welsh Memorial in Flanders

    16 August 2014

    More than 1000 people attended the unveilling of a memorial dedicated to all the men and women of Welsh descent who were part of the First World War. The Welsh Memorial in Flanders was an idea between two men who met...

  • Corps of Drums

    Corps of Drums

    8 August 2014

    The Corps of Drums provided all Adult Intructors and Cadets from D&G with a demonstration of their skills on a parade that was held at annual camp 2014.

  • the Royal School of Artillery

    the Royal School of Artillery

    6 August 2014

    The Commandant of The Royal School of Artillery hosted a number of cadets giving them the opportunity to meet with the instructors and take photographs with some of the big guns. Cadets also took the opportunity to try...

  • Dyfed and Glamorgan Remembers

    Dyfed and Glamorgan Remembers

    4 August 2014

    The County was massed for a remembrance service for World War 1 whilst at Annual Camp this year


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