27 May 2019

Durham Army Cadet Corporal William Thorley aged 16 from Stanley, County Durham has been selected to participate in the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s exciting opportunity in a ground-breaking outdoor adventure programme called ‘Dangoor Infinity’. William is the only cadet from the region and only a handful of cadets across the United Kingdom to be selected after a rigorous selection and briefing event in Hertfordshire this weekend and William will set sail for Iceland in August.

Infinity is a multi-year, mixed-ability youth development programme combining a tall ship voyage and a wilderness expedition. It is being delivered by a partnership between Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) and British Exploring Society (BES). William is committed to raise £900 to take part in this life changing experience.

JST and BES aim to create one of the most exciting classrooms on earth, delivering outdoor learning opportunities around science, media, communications, leadership, teamwork and diversity. It is expected to be one of the most ambitious youth development programmes in the world.

The first expedition will take place in summer 2019 between Scotland and North Central Iceland. An expedition team of 64 young explorers, aged 16-21, will split into two equal groups. Half of each group will be disabled young people, the other half will be non-disabled youngsters including individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Each mixed-ability group will undertake a 4-week expedition. One group will sail JST’s tall ship, Tenacious, from Scotland to Iceland whilst the other group will fly to Iceland to begin a land expedition. Two weeks later, the groups will swap: one will sail Tenacious back to Scotland whilst the other explores Iceland. The group will be accompanied and led by a team of highly experienced volunteers, adventure leaders and professional seafarers.

Corporal William Thorley said, “I am really excited for this summer, to take part in something new and different. Something that I can only describe as life changing and ambitious. Thank you to Durham ACF, JST and BES for the opportunity”. “the selection event has been amazing and a privilege to meet so many new peers”.

Durham ACF, JST and BES think that for young people frustrated by the limited expectations of others, or by the lack of opportunities they have to stretch themselves, this is the perfect chance to participate in a life-defining adventure. The young explorers can role-model the capabilities of young people generally and act as pioneers in shaping the Dangoor Infinity programme for the future, while serving as inspiration for future generations to push the limits.

Colonel Brian Kitching, Commandant Durham ACF said, “A lifechanging summer lies ahead for William. This looks to be an outstanding opportunity for these youngsters all working together putting their physical abilities aside. William has embarked on what can only be described as a once in a lifetime opportunity courtesy of the Army Cadet Force, JST and BES. We all wish him well on his Nordic adventure”.

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