Last weekend the 2019 County First Aid Competition took place at Cadet Training Centre, Stainton Camp.

17 June 2019

Over two days 8 scenarios, mostly in an outdoor setting, tested the cadets with realistic emergencies aided by dramatic casualty make-up. Cadets were faced with real life scenarios from Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation to a gang and knife attack.

AUO Stacey Lannon; County First Aid Training Officer commanded the weekend and is to be congratulated for her imagination in coming up with some fresh and current first aid scenarios that cadets may face on the streets in their communities today. Bringing new ideas to the way we do competitions was effective and the weekend was resounding success.

The results are in…. Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Scott, Deputy Commandant presented medals and trophies.

First of all the Young Adult competition results were announced:

1st Place – B Company

2nd Place – D Company

3rd Place – A Company.

Best individual young adult – SI Connor Benson from B Company.

After a nail biting wait the cadet results were announced:

Best Cadet individual – Cpl Conlin from D Company.

1st Place – B Company A Team - Led by Cpl Zak Bodur

2nd Place – B Company B Team - Led by Cpl William Thorley

3rd Place – D Company A Team - Led by Sgt Euan Baker.

The overall company placings are as follows for 2019:

1st – B Company

2nd – D Company

3rd – A Company

4th – C Company.

First aid is a such an important skill that all young people should know, congratulations to all who took part.