Here we will place information about how to care for your uniform

Wearing the uniform whilst in the Army Cadet Force is a great source of pride for Cadets and rightly so, it is a clear, identifiable way to show you're part of an organisation which prides itself on having the skills and maturity to be well turned out in the best traditions of our armed forces.

It is also a way of showing your affiliation to the Regiment or Corps to which your Detachment is badged, again this is another source of pride for Cadets.

To this end, it is vital that all our Cadets know the standards to which we expect them to adhere so we spend time teaching them how to care for their uniform, how to wash and iron it and also how to care for their boots as well as maintaining their own personal standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

A common question as Cadets progress is how to wear their badges they've earned. This can pose problems when the number of badges exceeds the space available. Below is the standard we expect when it comes to badge placement.

We also have some video guides on:

"How to shape your beret."

"How to polish your boots."

"How to iron and wear your uniform."

"How to Salute."

Below is a handy quick guide for you to download to get you started.

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