Thanks from the Commandant – Summer Camp Crowborough 2015

18 August 2015

At the end of another Devon ACF Summer Camp and having taken some time to reflect on the two weeks we have had at Crowborough I would say that by all measures the camp was excellent, both cadets and adults demonstrated what a well-organised and focused county cadet force can do.

Once again, we set ourselves some ambitious objectives; it is easy to forget the efforts needed in the planning and preparation leading up to camp. Such efforts as early camp bids, collection of monies, transport plans, training proqramme formulation and the application of resources all seem a distant memory. All this requires much work and on occasions some frustration, but what a result.

To me it matters not if we are a cadet or an adult, an officer or a member of the sergeants mess, a volunteer or member of the permanent staff, we are all part of the Devon ACF team and surely in everyone’s mind we must believe that for Summer Camp 2015 that team delivered.

When I talked to the cadets at camp, most could not decide what they liked best because they loved it all, and this must mean that we did a good job. I cannot thank you all enough for the support you give the county in general and for what you did to make our Summer Camp at Crowborough a success. On the visitors day I was keen to invite people from many of our supporting organisations such as Wessex RFCA, 1 ARTY Brigade, CFCB and HQ Support Command. The reason being that I am proud of what we do in Devon ACF and wanted them to see us in action doing what we do best – “Deliver a Premier Cadet Experience”.

Once again, many thanks for your support and well done Devon ACF!