Sinfin detachment step up their pace again!

15 March 2016

Once every month, Sinfin Detachment undertake Physical Training (PT) as part of the APC syllabus. The physically demanding nature of the ACF APC syllabus, particularly in the expedition training and fieldcraft creates a need for physical achievement tests. The tests aim to improve the strength, agility and endurance of individual cadets and achieve a minimum standard on each test.

The evening kicked off with cadets engaging in warm-up movements to get muscles and joints flexible and increase flow of blood to all organs. The detachment split into two groups with one group taking part in the short and long run outdoors and ball bounce. The second group stayed indoors and took part in upper body exercises which included trunk curl, baileys bridge, mountain climbs and press up.

Cadets take part in the PT sessions over 15 weeks, as investing time and effort in exercise will not only result in a healthy cadet improve cognitive skills and ability to focus. Before taking their Physical Achievement tests at 1, 2, 3 or 4-Star level cadets should have completed at least one 15 week training programme during the previous 3 months.

Speaking after completing the Mountain Climb, Cadet Wells said “the exercise made me feel very tired, stretched out and relaxed, really enjoyed it”. Cadet Unwin and Cadet Hart pictured taking part in the trunk curl. “The sit up was hard work but I enjoyed it” said Cadet Hart. Cadet Unwin remarked that he enjoys exercise and his fitness has greatly improved since he joined cadets and enjoys getting challenged”. The second half cadets got an opportunity to let their hair down and play some team games.

The ACF continues to offer cadets and adult exciting opportunities to challenge the body and the mind. Training ranges from Mountain Biking, Water Sports, Skiing,Rugby, Athletics, Drill,Community Service, Music, Navigation, Skill at Arms and Leadership just to mention a few. If you would like to join us as a cadet or Cadet Force Adult Volunteer please visit

Written and Submitted by AUO Chivayo