Lance Corporal Rollisson supports Betty after traffic accident.

Derbyshire cadet steps up, showing tremendous courage and confidence.

16 February 2019

L/Cpl Jess Rollisson was on her way to school in her friend’s car when an accident happened a couple of cars in front, her friend’s father got out of the car and said ‘’this looks nasty’’ at this point Jess got out of the car and approached the scene of the accident, there were other motorists and members of the public standing around, as Jess pushed her way through to the front she could see that a car had driven over a pedestrian. The casualty was still partially under the car, Jess knelt with the casualty saying ‘’ Hi my names Jess, I’m a first aider and I’m going to help you’’

The casualty was a 91 year old lady called Betty, looking at her Jess could see one of her legs was de-gloved below the knee and bleeding badly, the other was clearly broken. The driver of the car was on the phone to the emergency services but was hysterical, Jess took the phone off her and relayed what had happened then started to administer first aid. Betty was conscious but in severe pain, Jess reassured her and gave instructions to adults to fetch her any first aid equipment they had. A man brought a towel and Jess instructed him to cover the bleeding leg and apply pressure. Jess then conducted her top to toe survey and immediately discovered Betty had a head injury that was bleeding badly, she put a towel under Bettys head and immobilised it. Police arrived at the scene, one of the officers said ‘’you seem to have this under control young lady’’ and started to move traffic so the ambulance could get through.

When paramedics arrived Jess handed over her casualty to them but they asked her to stay with them to continue to immobilise Bettys head while they treated her and got her ready for transport. All the time Jess was talking to Betty reassuring her. Once released Jess got back in the car and did a full day at school.

L/Cpl Rollisson had no first aid training until she joined the ACF. The training she has gained through the organisation enabled her to take control and deal with this serious incident at the grand age of fourteen. She has showed as many cadets have over the years that first aid trained cadets can make the difference. The Army Cadet Force is aimed at equipping young people with life skills such as first aid, leadership and expedition. To join as a cadet aged 12 to 18 visit

Well-done LCpl Rollisson.