Hallcroft Detachment

This week the PR Team visited Hallcroft Detachment, C Company, to check out their Parade night!

6 March 2020

A warm welcome was given by the Cadet Duty NCO, smartly saluting as the PR Officer entered the drill hall. First Parade commenced at 1900hrs and Cadets' individual turnout was inspected to ensure standards of uniform and personal appearance were being maintained. In lieu of Sergeant N Collins, Detachment Commander, Sergeant J Boddey gave a briefing on the evening's training. Cadets were then instructed to fall out and the first lessons began.

Cadets preparing for the upcoming Junior Cadet Instructor Course were able to put the lesson training plans they had prepared in to practice. Cadet Smith taught the Care of Use of Maps from the Navigation syllabus, followed by Cadet Woodall teaching The History of the ACF from the Military Knowledge syllabus. PI Hawker, Detachment Instructor, gave each Cadet feedback on the delivery of their lessons.

Meanwhile, in the drill hall, Cadet Corporal Kohut was supervising Cadets creating lesson plans and practicing giving introductions to lessons. Afterwards they practiced the instructional technique required to enable Cadets to learn foot drill movements.

During the break between lessons, Cadets were able to enjoy a snack and drink from the NAAFI served from the kitchen hatch.

Before getting on Final Parade, Cadets carried out duties including tidying classrooms, sweeping and emptying bins.

On Final Parade, Sgt Boddey presented information on upcoming events including a week long Multi-activity Package, at the Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training, which offers climbing, mountain biking, water sports and more. He then gave a Record of Achievement presentation to LCpl Forbes, whose last night it was, as he had reached his 18th birthday! Speaking to the Parade, LCpl Forbes said "I have really enjoyed Cadets and have many great memories but probably my favourite time was on my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award where I walked in Snowdonia for the Expedition section. I have gained so many people skills which I am sure will help me succeed in the IT apprenticeship I am beginning".

Hallcroft Detachment meet on Tuesdays, from 1900 to 2100hrs, in the Army Cadet Centre on Albert St, Ilkeston. Ilkeston Detachment meet on Wednesdays, plus there are many other Detachments in Derbyshire recruiting. If you're aged 12 and in Year 8, go along and start new, exciting challenges!

Adult Volunteers invited to take up a range of instructor and support roles. No experience required as full training can be provided. Click the 'How do I Join' button at the top of this page and begin a rewarding hobby with the Army Cadet Force.