Etwall, Kingsway and Mickleover visit County HQ for SAA

5 April 2016

The ACF provides progressive military and non-military training to cadets and adult volunteers. This week cadets from 3 detachments received hands on training on Skill at Arms (SAA). This follows weeks of theory and basic safety guidelines.

SMI Wright, Detachment Commander (DC) at Etwall started the lesson by stating that the aim was to clearly introduce and familiarise cadets with the GP weapon and instruct on all safety measures. Safety is an integral part of all the training that we carry out with the ACF and is seen through APC Syllabus, which provides a way of working aligned with the Army and within Cadet Training Safety Precautions.

4* Cadet Corporal Keenan, of Kingsway Detachment was the cadet NCO and his role was to use his knowledge and experience to instruct basic and 1* cadets on Normal Safety precautions (NSPs). “ I felt very relaxed instructing the cadets and proud of teaching them a new skill, as a NCO I have developed a lot of maturity and ability to lead from the front, share my knowledge and experiences from the time I joined till now. I have been a cadet for 3 years and feel very proud; humbled by the support offered by adult volunteers having achieved my Silver DofE through the ACF and looking forward to going for Gold DofE once I turn 16.

While cadets did SAA, PI Thakur of Mickleover Detachment, who recently joined as an adult volunteer, got an opportunity to be hands on with the weapons under the supervision and guidance of SI Elliot and SI Slack. SI Slack was very excited about his role within the ACF and being an adult volunteer based at Mickleover. He said, “ As a adult instructor I am always excited about learning more while also supporting fellow adult volunteers new to the organisation. I am very privileged to volunteer at the same detachment as my partner SI Elliot who is the DC. Volunteering together ensures that we are always there instructing the cadets and supporting each other while learning new skills”.

SMI Wright concluded training by saying “the cadets really enjoyed learning SAA, they were very attentive and asked lots of interactive questions. They have received a firm foundation and their next lessons will build on this”.

Derbyshire Army Cadet Force is always looking for cadets and adults volunteers to join. If you are interested please visit

Written and Submitted by AUO Chivayo.