An excellent weekend for A Company

29 January 2016

Earlier this month, Chilwell Cadet Training Centre was a hive of activity as A Company took over the centre for a late Christmas Camp. With a wide range of activities taking place, A Coy made the most of all the facilities that the cadet centre and Chetwynd Barracks had to offer.

With everything from DCCT shooting, 'Dry' Fieldcraft training, Command Tasks, Obstacle Course, First Aid, Navigation, and Skill At Arms, there was ample opportunity for the cadets to achive APC passes. There was even time to fit in a talk on the role of The Police, as part of Cadet in the Community, given by an officer from the County who is also a serving police officer. In the evening they had fun at a Christmas Disco organised by the staff before completing training on Sunday and heading off back to the hills.

('Dry' training is training which does not involve use of live or blank ammunition)

The Gallery shows a selection of photos from the weekend.

Posted by Capt Adrian Dobb