About Our County

Derbyshire Army Cadet Force has over 850 cadets and 170 adult volunteers in 32 detachments and the County ACF Band right across the county. For details of all the key personnel in the county, check out the downloadable organisation chart for Derbyshire ACF.

The 32 detachments are organised into four sub units as follows:

A Company has its headquarters at the Cadet Centre Buxton and covers the Peak area. There are 8 detachments.

B Company is the most northerly unit of the County ACF with its headquarters at Chesterfield. There are 8 detachments in the Company.

C Company is located at the Cadet Centre at Ikeston. There are 9 detachments including the County Band.

D Company consisting of 8 detachments to the Southern region of the County has its headquarters at the Phoenix Street Derby.

All detachments in the County parade between two evenings each week.