Officer on Parade! Promotion for Sam Farrer

26 September 2016

Samantha Farrer of Gillgarran, Workington has passed a rigorous selection process to be granted the Queen’s commission as an Army Reserve Officer in Cumbria Army Cadet Force (ACF).  Sam, who was a cadet herself in Cleveland ACF, became a Sergeant Instructor in 2000, serving in Devon and Oxfordshire before becoming a Detachment Commander at Whitehaven Detachment.  When asked why she joined the ACF as an adult, Sam commented, “I wanted to be part of the team that gives the present generation of cadets the experiences and opportunities that I received as a cadet.” Sam also added, “The experiences and good friends I have made throughout my time as a cadet force adult volunteer (CFAV) are irreplaceable.”

Sam, 41, who lives with her husband, Michael, works as an Area Administrator for Securitas.  Skills that she has developed for her professional role, such as delegation, problem solving and organisation, have been transferred easily to her role as a CFAV.  Sam would like to use her Queen’s commission to become more involved in cadet and adult recruitment in West Cumbria, as well as proposing new and challenging ideas for the planning of activities and training for cadets. 

Sam has completed many courses during her 6 years as a CFAV, taking full advantage of Cumbria’s outstanding location by becoming a Mountain Leader and Duke of Edinburgh Assessor, believing that the outdoor activities offered by Cumbria ACF, “provide opportunities and experiences to young people which may not always be so readily available.” She also commented on the ACF being an exceptional organisation for allowing young people to meet and exceed their own expectations.

Colonel Anthony Steven, Commandant of Cumbria ACF said, “I am delighted that Second Lieutenant Farrer has successfully completed the commissioning board at Westbury. It is a huge pleasure to promote newly commissioned officers, who are the future of Cumbria ACF.” On the matter of increasing officer recruitment, Colonel Steven said, “We are always looking for recently retired regular officers and serving reserve officers who can transfer directly into the ACF. In addition, I want to encourage all suitable adult volunteers to apply for a Queen’s commission and take advantage of the personal and career development opportunities that the Cadet Force offers.”

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