Arnhem Company's First Weekend of the Year

19 February 2019

Arnhem Company Testing Weekend

Last weekend saw a large number of Cadets and Adults from Arnhem Company undertake their first company weekend of 2019 this took place at Warcop Camp near Appleby in Westmorland. The cadets were trained prior to the weekend at their detachments and arrived ready for testing. The cadets were tested on the following subjects:- Drill, Skill at Arms, Rifle Drill, 1st Aid at all levels, Cadet Radio Users Course and Cadet Target Rifle training and testing was carried out for the 3 stars ready for their next weekend.

The whole weekend was focused on the Army Proficiency Certificate military training, with lots of different subjects being tested and also being successfully completed - well done to all who passed individual subjects and particularly to those who have now completed the whole Star level.