12 years service for SMI Liam Allen

18 February 2019

SMI Liam Allen received his cadet force medal this week in recognition of 12 years as a cadet force adult volunteer, he joined as a cadet back in 1999, he completed master cadet and received the rank of cadet Sgt Maj under the guidance of Major Ian Atkinson, who at that time was his detachment commander, he decided to become an adult instructor in 2006 where he was able to use his own cadet experience to nurture & train cadets. His commitment has been exceptional and he and his staff have built Brampton detachment from 8 cadets to a 28 cadets in less than a year.

Liam is a full time security guard but was happy to take on the additional role of coy DofE representative, during any conversation he always tries to sway it towards the award to get everyone involved!!