The Big Weekend Otterburn

Fri Jun 01, 2018 (7:00pm)Sun Jun 03, 2018

Warning Order

County Weekend

  1. The County is holding a PreSC18 WE at Otterburn DTE over the period 01-03 Jun 18.
  2. This is an essential pre-requisite WE before SC, if you are attending SC do your best to attend.  
  3. Activities being undertaken are:

    Basic – Pre SC18 Trg
    1 Star – Pre SC18 Trg (DTMK, SAA, Fieldcraft)
    2 Star – Pre SC18 Trg (DTMK, SAA, Fieldcraft)
    3 Star – Pre SC18 Trg (DTMK, SAA, Fieldcraft)

  4. Use the attached Detachment Return and ensure a Parental Consent Form is completed and signed off by the Cadets Parents or Carer.
  5. Returns and Parental Consent Forms are to be submitted to AO1 at County HQ by 01 May 18. The cost of the WE is £10 which is payable on submission of your Detachment Return.
  6. Joining Instructions and further information will be issued prior to the event.



Maj A Richmond