Boundary: Walkers on circuit of the borough

6 July 2012

THE BEATING of the borough bounds saw walkers brave the hills and mud to complete the traditional inspection of Lostwithiel's boundary stones. Parish councillors, Army Cadets and the public join in the beating of the bounds.

The walkers covered a distance of around 17 miles, visiting 17 boundary stones from Milltown to Newham.

The journey, organised by town councillor John Pegg for the jubilee, was completed with a crossing of the River Fowey at low tide after the last stone at Newham.

The purpose of the beating of the bounds is to ingrain – often violently – the memory of the parish or village boundaries in the minds of the younger generation. Traditions such as "bouncing" boys from the stones reinforce the memory of the bounds through pain.

Today, the walk is less about painful memories and more about community spirit and upholding tradition.