About Gibraltar Company

Contained in the western part of Cornwall, Gibraltar Company is the most westerly of the three County Companies, comprising of 8 detachments from Falmouth in the east to the Isles of Scilly in the south.

The detachments parade every week and have established very strong relationships with other organisations within their local communities such as the Royal British Legions and local Schools and Colleges assisting in events such as the Dutchy marathons and remembrance parades, mayors town parades, Mabe shindig, the list goes on! Thanks to the commitment of our Cadets and the dedication of the Adults Instructors who teach and support them, everyone involved in the Company enjoys a wide range of activities throughout the year and also benefit from gaining numerous qualifications and skills that help them to succeed in civilian life.

If you are a young person aged 12 or over why not joins us as a Cadet. Or if you are an adult why not consider joining our organisation.

Our Adult Instructors come from all walks of life many of whom have no previous military experience, you will be surprised what the ACF can offer you so why not come and talk to us. Visit one of our platoons on a parade night or for more information call our Headquarters.