Welsh Guards Visit Holyhead

18 January 2018

Another Suscessful Visit

Yesterday evening saw another successful night with The Welsh Guards Regimental Recruitment Support Team (North).  Cadets and adults from Holyhead detachment took part for an evening full of activities organised by Sgt Pete Duffy from the Welsh Guards.

Sgt Pete Duffy reported “it was a cracking night with a boisterous lot of cadets, we shall be returning”.  Detachment Civilian Assistant Kelly Murray-Jones added “the cadets thoroughly enjoyed themselves tonight”.

During the evening Sgt Duffy presented LCpl Ransome with her new rank slide following her recent promotion to Corporal.

As well as cadets trying on the special guards’ tunic Cpl Ransome also tried out the camouflage a ghillie suit – not that effective in the classroom but great in the field

Another excellent night in the series of visits by the Welsh Guards across the region.