Flint army cadet calls at drummer’s home to pay his respects

8 June 2013

Please find attached link to The Leader, sent to me by AUO Hanmer regarding one of our Flint Cadet.

A ‘SHY’ cadet visited Drummer Lee Rigby’s home to pay his respects in person on behalf of his Flintshire force. Army cadet Callum Hirst, 16, from Flint, who was touched by last month’s tragedy, travelled to Middleton and knocked on the door of the murdered soldier’s family home. Callum, of  Flint Detachment, who has wanted to join the army since he was six, offered his condolences face-to-face with Drummer Rigby’s mother, Lyn.

“I wanted to take flowers and when I got there I thought it would have more of an impact if I knocked on the door and gave the flowers to his mum and dad,” he said. “A man answered the door and I had to tell him what I wanted.

“He went back inside then came back and told me Lee’s mum was coming. I was happy she was going to come to the door. “I gave her some flowers and told her I had brought them on behalf of myself and the Flint Army Cadets. “She thanked me and then burst out crying.

“I felt upset, I stood back to salute her and then offered her a hug, which she accepted.” His mother, Ann, said he sent her a text message telling her he had knocked on the door to pay his respects.

“He is quite a shy lad – when I got the text to say he had knocked on the door it made me cry,” she said. “He makes me so proud. “He wanted to go there and pay his respects so his dad took him there on Thursday.” Callum, who is currently sitting his GCSE’s, was horrified by the 25-year-old’s death, but said it will not put him off pursuing a career in the forces. Callum, who attends Flint High School, wants to follow in the footsteps of his father, Geoff, who served in Army for many years.

He is hoping to stay in education and pass A-levels, which would enable him to enter the forces as an officer.