Final Presentation

25 February 2018

"LtFinal Presentation

Picture by Gavin J Priest

Will Lecras received his Commissioning Scroll from Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Gwynedd Mr Edmund Bailey Esq. at his annual awards ceremony on Thursday 22 February.  The scroll, issued by Her Majesty the Queen, records the formal appointment as a Commissioned Officer in the armed forces.

Will who has been an adult instructor in the army cadets for over 12 years was selected for a commission in 2013 and appointed a Lieutenant in 2017.

This presentation was one of the last old style Commissioning Scrolls to be issued as after over 150 years a new Queen’s Cadet Forces Commission has been introduced for the cadet forces.  All new officers will now receive the Cadet Forces Commission.

Company Commander Maj Bobby Borland said” Will is a great officer, the lynchpin of Burma Company and is currently second in command”  adding “he puts a huge amount of effort into the army cadets as a whole and is well respected by both cadets and adults”.

Will who was joined by his wife and eldest daughter at the presentation said “after all the hard work it was pleasing to receive the scroll to mark my appointment as an officer”.