19 November 2016

As I watched everyone assemble for the closing ceremony of the 'Shrouds of the Somme' I could not help but think of those who died and how many would have been the same age as those cadets attending. The Shrouds which were laid out over a vast area on College Green over the past week helped visitor's to understand just how many were lost that first day on the Somme. The figure 19240 is difficult to imagine and when you think these were people, with lives and families of their own it cannot fail to have anything but an enormous impact.

On what was a very wet evening many Bristol Army Cadets along with the Officer in charge and several SSI's and SI's from various Detachments, took part in the closing ceremony. First there was Evensong held in Bristol Cathedral followed by the laying of the Cross by a serving member of 6 Rifles. One of our Cadets also laid a remembrance bouquet of flowers on behalf of all of the Bristol Army Cadets which was also placed amongst the sea of Shrouds.

Well done to all who attended. You were a credit to your Detachments and to yourselves. You showed the utmost respect throughout the whole evening.

Report by

Admin Officer - Bristol Army Cadets HQ