What a day for Cheshire ACF!

Sunday the 14th July, What a day.

18 July 2019

What a day for Cheshire ACF! Sunday the 14th July saw the Probationary Instructors finish off their Intermediate Instructors Course with a Parade and presentations. Colonel Cadets North West, Colonel I Holmes came along to congratulate the PI’s on their success and take the Parade. But that wasn't all, along with Colonel R Ayres and Lieutenant Colonel A Mottram further presentations were made.

Firstly Cadet CSM Isla Bellamy was appointed Cadet RSM for Cheshire ACF. This is a fantastic achievement and makes Cadet RSM Bellamy the most senior Cadet in Cheshire ACF. She has some huge plan’s and can't wait to get stuck in at Annual Camp this year.

Next up we had SI J Keegan who was presented with his new rank of Second Lieutenant. 2Lt Keegan successfully compleated the Cadet Force Commissioning Board (CFCB), which is held at the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) in Westbury, Wiltshire. Anyone considering taking a commission can find further details here https://armycadets.com/volunteer-with-us/acf-officers/officer-who-can-apply/.

Lastly and by no means least, Staff Sergeant Instructor K Thomas and Captain S Ellis were both awarded with a clasp on their Cadet Force Medal. This is a tremendous achievement, a small act of recognition for 18 years of continuous long service to the ACF.

Well done to all involved in this spectacular day.