Cheshire ACF’s DofE Success

25 October 2017

Cheshire Army Cadet Force has experienced great success with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award over the last academic year with 52 passes in total; an average of one a week!

Under the leadership of their new County DofE Officer, 2Lt. Steve Ellis members of the county have achieved 40 Bronze, 7 Silver and 5 Gold Awards. This has marked a significant change from previous years where the number of awards struggled to break 30.

A key component of this success has come from 2Lt. Ellis’s skilful employment of Social Media. Here cadets and detachment staff have been able to get in contact quickly to ask questions and share tools & resources giving individuals everything they need. “The vast majority of this work was achieved from the tireless work of both the cadets and detachment staff” 2Lt. Ellis commended.

Looking forward, 2Lt. Ellis believes 75 completed awards could well be within reach over the 2017-18 academic year. With Cheshire ACF’s expedition being well into the planning phase with dates being set, it looks as if Cheshire is going to continue their DofE success well into the future.