Bumper update!

2 days of fun pack training!

7 August 2019

Monday morning at 06.29 am and all is quiet. At 6.30 am our duty staff leap into action and start to wake the camp up. Another fun-packed day at camp is planned for Cheshire ACF. The 1 Stars with Somme Company took to the hills and did some adventure training. The cadets got to choose from Climbing, Caving and Gorge Walking! The 1 Star Wing with Messines went out on Navigation Training and continued to train on Skill at Arms. The 2 Star Cadets enjoyed a full day on their range going through their 2 Star shoot. Pathfinder split in half, with one half going out on an expedition and the other half start a First Aid Course and Signals Training.

Tuesday saw our first Fieldcraft exercise commence. The 1 Star wing with Messines Company moved out into the field to complete their Fieldcraft assessment. This is a 24hr exercise that tests the Cadets ability to live out in the field and combines their fieldcraft and Skill at Arms Skills. The 1 Sar Cadets with Somme got their chance to use the Air Rifle range and conducted the 1 Star shoot. It was the 2 Star wing’s first day of a two day Adventure Training package. Pathfinder Company continued their Expeditions, First Aid and Signals training. The Training Day ended with the 2 Star Drill Competition ran by RSMI AC Webster and Cadet RSM Bellamy. The 2 stars took to the drill square in Companies and demonstrated their skills. The competition was tough but the winner is……. Haha, you will all have to wait until the Commandants Parade on Saturday night!