Annual Camp 2019!

Day 1 at CACF Annual Camp

4 August 2019

So the day finally arrived, Saturday the 3rd of August 2019 Cheshire ACF made their way to Sennybridge Training Camp to start what can only be described as an action-packed Annual Camp!

Coaches were sent out to locations all over Cheshire, fuelled up and ready to make the 3 and a half hour journey into South Wales. At around 1630hrs all 265 Cadets and 95 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers had arrived safely. Along with the Adult Staff, the Cadets got changed into uniform and were ready and raring to get stuck in. After evening meal the County assembled on the drill square where the Commandant, Colonel R Ayres welcomed all Cadets and Staff to camp. After his initial welcome, the Commandant had the pleasure of making some presentations. Firstly Major P Price, Captain S Karran, Captain K Farrington and Lieutenant D Connor all received their Cadet Force Commission scroll. Next, the Commandant Promoted SSI K Thomas to SMI.

Keep your eye out for updates!