Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre host annual county forum

7 June 2019

Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre held the annual county forum in early June. The forum is designed to invite local dignitaries to the Cadet Training Centre where they hold a meeting about Reservist activities, cadet events and fundraising ideas. The forum was a chance to show what the cadets get up to, as well as different reservists from around the area.

During the morning, the guests had their meeting which was followed by a buffet lunch. Afterwards the police dog handlers, who have been using the training centre during the working week tfor training purposes, gave a demonstration of what their dogs are trained to do. Once that had finished the dignitaries then had a chance to talk to some of the Cambridge Regional College (CRC) cadets as well as the local reserve units that displayed some of their work.

The CRC cadets then had a chance to do some training with the police dogs that also included putting on the bite sleeve and being chased by some of the dogs in training.

It was a really good day and a lot of information and ideas came out of the forum.