St Ives and Huntingdon Detachment help Clear WW1 Graves

6 June 2018

What else can children do on a Wednesday during their half term school holiday. Well, St Ives and Huntingdon Army Cadets had an answer. We were contacted a couple of months earlier by the St Ives in Bloom Team seeing if we would be able to assist in some clearance work on the Parish Cemetery in Westwood road St Ives. The Cadets from both detachments, jumped at the chance.

So on Wednesday 30th May 25 cadets and adults from both originations with trowels in hand began the task of clearing. The Cadets were given the important task of clearing, placing new flowers and plants of the Graves of WW1 veterans. Some of the cadets throughout the day stated how it was important that we kept the graves clear and how poignant it was to be doing this on the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War. During the day the cadets were split between two tasks, one group did the grave yard while the others were in the Detachment helping the Norris Museum doing a couple of wooden cut out montages that are being displayed near the museum for the public to view. After a lunch break that was well deserved, they swapped tasks by 3.00pm all was complete. St Ives in Bloom spokeswoman Hatti said that the cadets did more than they imagined and were impressed in how the dealt with the tasks they were given, it was a privilege to watch.

We would like to add a special thanks to Tim Harrison from Gibbs and Dandy (St Ives) for the kind donation of working gloves, this made the work for the Cadets a pleasant tasks to complete.

Written by SI Phipps