One Company Take Part in October camp

9 October 2018

Over the weekend cadets from No 1 (Hereward) company attended October camp.

The camp started on Friday evening when the cadets arrived from Peterborough at Waterbeach. They had their safety briefings and enjoyed the evening, settling down for the evening in their accommodation.

In the morning the cadets awoke to a drizzly day. They enjoyed a full English breakfast, as well as cereal and toast. They were split into their training groups and lessons commenced. The one star cadets enjoyed a day getting their hands on the weapons where they were taught all the skills needed to hopefully pass their weapon handling tests at the end of the weekend. They also took part in navigation training and learning about how to map read and the countryside code.

The two star cadets learnt about how to occupy a harbour area and patrolling. In the afternoon they put what they had learnt into practice as they headed off outside onto the airfield.

The three star cadets started to prepare themselves for Remembrance Day parades by being taught banner drill, cane drill and rifle drill.

Once the cadets had finished all their lessons for the day, they enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by some free time.

On Sunday the cadets awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, perfect for their testing phase of the weekend. The cadets were tested on everything they learnt during Saturday’s lessons.

Final parade finished the weekend off with a couple of cadet promotions. The cadets who received promotions should be extremely proud of themselves. A fantastic camp once again and all the cadets really enjoyed themselves.