Officers Training at Sandhurst

13 January 2020

On Friday 10 January 2020, 5 Adult Volunteers made an early start from Waterbeach CTC and made the journey to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to be part of the Initial Officer Training course.
Once a volunteer has joined as an adult instructor, some will decide to take the path to being an officer and make a difference within the Company and County in senior roles, supporting leadership to others.
The training courses are designed to give new officers the tools to develop into more effective leaders and is delivered through two modules, the development module for those starting the course, and the confirmation module for those coming to the end.
The training took place in Victory College, while the current Army's Officer Cadets, who have just started back, continued their studies in the Old College and New College buildings on the site.
2Lt Dave Percival and 2Lt Richard Nicholson both of 1 Company, were on the Development Module which offered an insight into leadership styles, how technology is changing the ACF and an opportunity to soak up the atmosphere in one of the most recognised and respected leadership establishments in the world.
2Lt Vicky Houghton, 2Lt Tom Knights and 2Lt Darryl Garner from 3 Company and Padre John Mark Amey, all studied the Confirmatory Module with a focus on practical applications of leadership.
Both courses started with apprehension, excitement and intrigue as the lectures got underway, with new theories and skills being shared and tested. The day ended on a high, listening to the inspirational story of Jordan Wylie, ex-soldier, author, adventurer and ACF Ambassador.
Saturday brought more study, both in the classroom and around the college. The practical scenarios were enhanced by the enthusiastic role playing skills of the Berkshire ACF Corps of Drums, who then provided excellent musical accompaniment to the confirmation course mess dinner later that evening.
Sunday was about wrapping up the final elements of each course and for those coming to the end of the training, a short graduation ceremony with a speech from the course director, Col Neal Jurd with the presentations being made by the ACF Colonel Cadets, Col Clint Riley, in the Indian Army Memorial Room. It was a great experience and one the new officers will remember for many years.