New Padre for Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force

12 September 2018

St Ives Army Cadets are getting use to seeing the Fr Mark Amey, vicar of St Ives Parish Church this time in combat clothing after being appointed as a Padre with Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force.

Rev Ryk Parkinson (Senior Chaplain) is seen welcoming Padre Mark Amey to the ACF Camp at their recent camp at Altcar, Liverpool. Padre Amey is and Anglican Priest serving as Vicar of St Ives (The Cambridgeshire one!) and a keen motorcyclist as the picture shows.

Fr Mark Amey, Vicar of St Ives and a former cadet himself has taken the challenge of being an ACF chaplain for the county and will work with Padre Ryk Parkinson the senior padre. Prior to going into the church Padre Amey has worked both in management and also driving heavy goods vehicles.

Padre Amey to use his correct military title, is also Chaplain to 2331 Sqn Air Training Corps. He has been involved with the ATC since 2002 both in London and Ely, including a period as Wing Chaplain with responsibility for all of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. So cadets are not a new phenomenon in his life albeit he says the ATC and ACF are very different cultures.

He enjoyed his time as a cadet (ACF and ATC) many yeas ago and is pleased to have this opportunity to put something back into the cadet forces as well as the opportunities presented by this new position and the challenges the transition of roles will present. Finally, He hopes to be alongside and support the cadets during this influential stage of their lives for many years to come. He can be contacted at

Padres are responsible for the welfare and guidance of the 750 Cadets and 150 Adults Leaders in Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force.