New Adult Volunteers are Assessed to Join The ACF

9 February 2020

New Adult Volunteers are Assessed to Join The ACF

This weekend 23 new adults took part in the familiarisation and assessment course at Waterbeach CTC. The purpose of this course is for the training team to be able to assess these new volunteers to see if they are suitable to become cadet instructors, and involves an introduction to military activities and some aptitude tests to see if they can undertake the work required.

The candidates were welcomed by Lt. Colonel Cox who briefed them on the history of the ACF and its core values, explaining its goals of inspiring and developing young people and helping them to become better citizens. Captain Swann then introduced them to the most vital responsibilities of the ACF instructors, safety and safeguarding. Assisted by some of the candidates who already had experience of drill, Sgt Major Hockey then took them through some basic drill movements. In the afternoon, the candidates undertook command tasks, designed to test their teamwork and leadership skills. This was followed by tent building and preparing rations in the field. On Sunday they undertook individual presentations, designed to assess if they were good communicators and able to confidently deliver a lesson.

The number of adults wanting to join the ACF, and the number of women in-particular, is a strong sign of the ACF’s growing popularity and diversity.

New Adult Volunteer Alex Pessoa said ‘ The lessons have been well structured and organised, and the instructors were really enthusiastic, which helped us better engage with the tasks’

Text and pictures by PI Doug Stuart, County P.R.O.