A Letter From National HQ Explaining New Recruitment Strategies

3 September 2020

HQ Regional Command Cadets Branch Montgomery House Queen’s Avenue ALDERSHOT Hampshire, GU11 2JN Telephone: 01252 787690 E-mail:

Date: 03 September 20


1. Over the past five months, face-to-face training has been suspended. This has impacted on the public engagement throughout the organisation.

2. It has also impacted on our expressions of interest (EOI) gathered via the website. We have seen a 35% and 21% reduction of CFAV and Cadet EOI respectively.

The Campaign

1. During the months of September, October and November, the Cadets Media and Communications team have planned to run a National recruiting campaign which will target both Cadet and CFAV numbers.

2. The campaign has two outputs;

a. Radio Campaign. We have placed advertising with Global Radio station Capital FM. This station has been chosen as it reaches the most of our target audience and has 8.1 million listeners per week (33% 15-24yo & 43% 25-44yo)

b. Social Media. Each month we use Facebook and Instagram to ensure a steady stream of EOI through our website. To compliment the radio campaign, we have boosted our messaging and brought in line with the radio adverts.

Expressions of Interest

1. It is important that each EOI is followed up in a timely manner. Each day without a follow- up, there is 7% less chance of the individual completing the induction process and enrolling as a Cadet or CFAV. 2. All EOI are now linked with the New Joiner Tracker (NJT) and will be visible shortly after the EOI is submitted via the website.

M ALLEN SO2 Cadets Media and Communications