Female STEM Weekend 21-23 June 2019 at Chetwynd Barracks

23 June 2019

18 cadets from Cambridgeshire ACF, along with 122 other cadets from several counties across 7 Brigade, took part in a weekend of activities related to STEM at Chetwynd Barracks, organised by Sgt Dunscombe, and got to see a few examples of how engineering is used in the British Army.

Arriving on the Friday evening, the cadets had time to get to know each other before settling into the accommodation for the night.

The clear and bright Saturday morning set a good scene for the day ahead and the 6 stands we visited.

Stand one, with 2Lt Hamley from 170 Engineer Group, tested their design, budgeting, shopping and modelling skills as they project managed a bridge design to support the weight of a waterbottle, with some designs being more successful than others.

Stand two, with WO1 Haywood from 504 STRE (Water) 170 Engineer Group, showed them how to filtrate water to make it drinkable, before getting them to transport the water to a village well, without loosing the liquid. Not an easy task when carrying full buckets!

At stand three, with Cpl Mackinnon and the team from Royal Engineers Community Engagement Team, saw the cadets trying to build a Da Vinci bridge, work on their teamwork skills on a seven seater bike and get a chance to see some of the RE kit they use.

After lunch, they visited the 4th stand to work on command tasks with Major Ahern from 7X Engagement Team. Loved by some, it gave the cadets a chance to use their skills to work together and get through their task.

The penultimate stand, led by Pte Bedford from the Royal Logistics Corps Community Engagement Team, showed them the bomb disposal kit they wear, before explaining how you might identify tell tale signs of disturbed ground. The girls enjoyed listening to the personal stories of the privates and how they ended up joining the army.

The final stand led by Spr Fisher from 504 STRE (Power) 170 Engineer Group, introduced them to AC/DC electricity before tasking them with building a model electricity pylon network over a 20 metre distance.

The cadets were treated to an evening in the Corporals Club for some well deserved time off.

Sunday provided the opportunity to hear the stories from some of women who had been involved in the weekend, from the inspiring words from Captain Jo Ellett (Twitter: @JoREllett) of the Royal Engineers and Ms Yuli Rigby (Twitter: @yudoula), Fellow of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Check out their tweets for more photos!
A huge well done to the effort put in by the cadets this weekend!

2Lt Houghton