6 December 2017

As part of their refurbishment plan, Ely Museum at the Old Goal invited Ely Detachment to visit and as young people give their views on the Museum and how it might be improved. Some 25 cadets attended the evening which was coordinated by Tricolour; consultants specialising in heritage development and design. The Cadets were encouraged to say what they thought about the Museum and its displays, and did so; this included many positive comments. Of particular interest was the display of 2 Cambridgeshire Regiment Drums which had been hidden in Singapore during the Second World War. The Drums were recovered after the War; three are at IWM Duxford and 2 at Ely Museum. Another display featured the Rail Disaster at Soham when, again during WW2, wagons on an ammunition train exploded; prompt action by the train crew avoided the whole train exploding. Ely Detachment is now looking forward to revisiting the Museum post-refurbishment.