Day 6 Annual Camp

9 August 2018

Weather report Temperature 14 degrees, overcast cooler brighter in the afternoon.

Another morning in camp Senior and intermediate cadres both woke up in camp and the juniors woke up from their night in the field.

Senior Cadre

The senior cadets woke up after their first night in the field. After cooking breakfast they moved out to do a wood clearance on an enemy position. This evening they took part in a snap ambush on the PI Cadre.

Intermediate Cadre

The Intermediate cadre spent the day on the ranges. Once the ranges had finished they spent the afternoon cleaning weapons and then enjoying the evening off to enjoy their NAAFI.

Junior Cadre

The Junior cadre enjoyed their day experiencing the adventurous training we had at camp. The activities they were allowed to take part in were Climbing wall, Paintball, Motorbikes, Obstacle course as well as archery

Basic Cadre

The Basic cadre deployed into the field for their field exercise. They put their bashas up and enjoyed their first taste of ration packs. They also learnt how to camouflage themselves properly as well as how to generally live in the field.


The cadets on the Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition today spent the day walking and navigating along the rout they had made. Each group decided on a different way of getting to their first nights destination. Along the way they each took it in turns to map read and take bearings on their compasses.

All the cadets are really enjoying themselves, tiredness is starting to come into play, however there are still a lot of smiling faces around camp.