Day 5 Altcar Camp

8 August 2018

Weather report Temperature 16 degrees, overcast showers brighter in the afternoon.

Another morning in camp Senior and intermediate cadres both woke up in camp and the juniors woke up from their night in the field.

Senior Cadre

The senior cadets enjoyed their breakfast followed by collecting all of their equipment ready for their field exercise. Bergans packed, they deployed to the field, patrolling to their harbour area where they carried out clearance drills before they could set up. After enjoying their rations they then went out for a patrol where they were ambushed and had to decide how they were going to deal with the situation. Some platoons decided to fight through where others retreated back to safety. Once the ambush had finished the cadets went back to their harbour areas and got their heads down for the night.

Intermediate Cadre

The Intermediate cadre spent their day on the ranges enjoying shooting both the GP and shot gun. There were background activities to refresh their knowledge on what they have already learnt, including marksman principals.

Junior Cadre

The Junior cadre woke up after their night in the field. They sorted their kit out and had breakfast before leaving for their ambush. The cadets were contacted and they had to fight through the enemy positions. Having returned from the field the cadets enjoyed dinner in the cook house and an early night ready for training tomorrow.

Basic Cadre

The Basic cadre enjoyed their breakfast and then enjoyed their day of adventurous training. The training consisted of the climbing wall, motorbikes, paint ball and obstacle course. All the cadets had the chance to go on each of the activities available to them. They also enjoyed swimming this evening.


The cadets on the Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition today spent the day in camp plotting their routes and making route cards, whilst collecting all of their equipment ready for the start of the expedition tomorrow. The Silver Duke of Edinburgh award consists of three days walking and two days camping.

The cadets seem to be in high spirits and sometimes the adults get to have some fun too.