Day 4 Altcar Camp

7 August 2018

Weather report Temperature 18 degrees, overcast with some sun in the afternoon.

Another morning in camp Senior cadets and Basic cadets woke up in camp whilst the intermediate cadets woke up in the field.

Senior Cadre

The senior cadets enjoyed a day of Adventurous training. The cadets had a round robin of activities such as Motorbikes, Climbing wall, Paint ball and assault course. Most of the cadets managed to get up to the top of the climbing wall and they all really enjoyed the motorbikes. Once all the activities had finished they came back into camp for evening meal. This evening the cadets also enjoyed an evening swimming at the local swimming pool.

Intermediate Cadre

The Intermediate Cadre enjoyed their ration pack breakfast. Spirits were high and they enjoyed their blank firing exercise this morning. The cadets split into platoons and sections, with their section commander taking charge of the contact and deciding the best plan to deal with the situation. The cadets then patrolled back into camp where the clean up began of weapons. They enjoyed a well deserved evening meal and NAAFI.

Junior Cadre

The Junior cadre spent the morning packing kit ready for their field exercise phase, then with all kit found they left after lunch. Patrolling down the road they arrived at their harbour area where they were taught how to put their bashas up. The cadets then put their own up with a little help from instructors and senior cadets. After their beds were set up for the night they were taught how to cam up correctly and how to cook and wash in the field.

Basic Cadre

The Basic cadre had their range package today. They were shooting on the 25 meter range and shot gun ranges. The 25 meter range was so they could complete their basic and one star shoots. The cadets really enjoyed the shot gun and some of them didn't want to come off the range. Background activities also took place so the cadets could keep up with their skills that they had already learnt.


The cadets on the expedition and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expeditions woke up after a night camping. They had breakfast that they had cooked on their gas cookers, packed and ready they set off on their way back to camp. After a 5 Kilometre walk they arrived back in camp after lunch where they unpacked all their kit and completed some command tasks before they went in for dinner. The cadets will now return back to their cadres to carry on with the rest of their training.

Potential Instructors Training Cadre

The Potential Instructors had their first aid lessons and assessments over the course of the day. This means when they come to going into a detachment they will be first aid qualified so if an accident ever occurs they will be competent to deal with the situation.

Today the cadets have worked really hard and enjoyed their day. On walking around the camp you can see smiley faces and positive attitude from all the cadets.