Commandant's Letter

14 May 2020

The current restriction on “Face to Face” training until 31 st May was reviewed yesterday by Regional Command and extended to 31 st August 2020.This sadly means that our Annual Camp in July/August will NOT now go ahead. This was no surprise given Government advice in respect of this dreadful Covid 19 virus and our number one priority in ensuring the safety of our Cadets and CFAV’s.

We can and will continue to undertake virtual training using Microsoft Teams to keep the “ACF Flame Alive” until normal training can be resumed. It is important that we do this, and Cadets are encouraged to participate in ACF training sessions or simply join in the social “chit chat” to maintain engagement with friends. Your instructors are looking at more ways of making this virtual training interesting and as such we very much welcome your input via your Detachment Commander. Our plans now turn to looking at what we can offer from Sept to Dec 20, appreciating it is a bit of an unknown at the moment, but they will include Company Camps at CTC Waterbeach. We will have a lot to think about…….. bringing qualifications in date e,g. WHT’s for Cadets and CFAV’s to name but one. Regional Command will also review the 31 st Aug. date nearer the time.

On a practical note, the question of what happens to the deposits paid towards Annual Camp has to be addressed. Firstly, with Detachment huts closed it is difficult to recover the accounts books to look at what has been paid. This is something we are looking at now. Once reviewed I will be in a better position to advise you further on what we propose to do.

So in the meantime, be proud to be a member of Cambridgeshire ACF and help the Flame continue to glow in the coming months.

Colonel Mark Knight MBE DL