31 May 2019

On Wednesday 30 May Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre was busy when HM Lord Lieutenant Mrs Julie Spence OBE QPM DL met her newly appointed Lord Lieutenant Cadets selected from the different cadet units within Cambridgeshire. She also presented nominated adults with the Lord Lieutenant Certificate of Meritorious service for the outstanding work / contribution they had made within their unit, either cadet or reservist.

The newly appointed Lord Lieutenant Cadets are:

Cadet Sgt Maj Mason Annis Cambs ACF

Cadet Sgt Maj Nicole Hawes Cambs ACF

Cadet Staff Sgt Eleanor Phipps Cambs ACF

Cadet Sgt Archie Dennis Leys CCF

Cadet Flight Sgt Rory Donoghue RAF Cadets

Leading Cadet Matthew Smith Kimbolton CCF

Cadet Lance Cpl Conner Gilpin SCC [received by his unit OC]

They now look forward to assisting HM Lord Lieutenant, or her deputies, for the next 12 months around the county during their time of service and this appointment is the top accolade they can hope to achieve during their cadet career.

Adult recipients of Lord Lieutenant Certificate of Meritorious service are:

Capt Charles Allen Cambs ACF

Capt Liz Hyslop Cambs ACF

Lt Davis Daniel SCC

WO2 Paul Scott 254 Med Regt

SSI Jordan Bullman Cambs ACF [to be presented at later date]

Flight Sgt Sue Jestice RAF Cadets

Cpl Mark Mcrevie CUOTC

For all it was a great honour to be recognised for all the hard work carried out over a number of years in support of the units they work with, albeit in the cadet units or reservists.

If the people involved would like copies of photographs please email and they will be sent out to you.