Cambridge Detachment Cadets Hold Virtual Camp-Out for Armed Forces Day

28 June 2020

Some senior cadets at Cambridge detachment came together to organise a virtual camp-out in recognition of Armed Forces Day, and to share with friends and family what it's like to be a Cambridgeshire Army Cadet. As part of the event they helped raise £120 for The Soldier's Charity which provides assistance to soldiers, veterans and their families in need.

The afternoon began with an introduction from Sergeant Charlotte Wallace, before informative videos were shared including a demonstration from LCpl Emily Taylor and LCpl Samuel Elliott on building a secure shelter in the woods, followed by a first aid revision lesson on CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) from Sgt Charlotte Wallace on how to respond in an emergency situation. LCpl Kye Pearson demonstrated camouflage and concealment, then cooking in the field and a ‘whats in a ration pack’ session from LCpl Alice Wallace, and a demonstration on how to make a paracord bracelet (a survival aid enabling the convenient carrying of super strong cord) from LCpl Lauren Houghton.
Those who took part put up shelters, both indoors and outdoors and were encouraged to get creative and win prizes supplied by Captain Swann from the Cambridgeshire County Training Team.

Text by 2/Lt Houghton