Cadets throw themselves out of aeroplane at 3,500ft

12 October 2017

Cadets from across the country decided to throw themselves out of a perfectly good aeroplane for charity.

The cadets arrived at Nether Avon, Wiltshire late on Friday evening and bedded down ready for Saturdays training to commence.

On Saturday, the cadets enjoyed breakfast, following which they were then thrown into their training. The first things the cadets learnt was what a parachute looked like and how a static line works. This meant the cadets could get their hands on a parachute. They found out how a parachute is made up of air pockets as well as how it should behave when they are flying.

The next thing the cadets were taught was the drills in case things went wrong. This includes cutting away their main parachute and deploying their reserve parachute. The cadets were also told that they would incur nuisance factors such as twists in their lines and how to deal with this.

Once the cadets learnt all about how to deal with issues, they were taught how to exit the aeroplane as well as landing drills. Once all the training had come together, they were then suspended in harnesses so they could practice all the skills they had been taught.

After a long day, they relaxed in the canteen and then went to bed.

Sunday morning arrived and it was time for the big jump. All the cadets were fitted out in their kit and parachutes given to them. They just had to wait for the weather to clear before they could jump. The first group took to the skies and the moment was finally there. Time to hang on the edge of the plane and throw themselves out. All the cadets experienced twists and most of them landed in the correct place. Once all the cadets landed they had the opportunity to see the footage from the instructors camera so they could see how they did when exiting the plane.

It was time for the second group to jump. They climbed into the aeroplane and off they went. Climbing to 3,500ft it was time to jump. Door opened and one by one the cadets jumped. Again all the cadets experienced twists in their lines but because of the training they all managed to get rid of them and steer safely to the ground.

Due to technical issues two cadets were unable to take part in the static line jump, however under their parents guidance they were both given the opportunity to complete a tandem jump. The cadets had an instructor strapped to the back of them and up they went. Tandem jumping requires the cadet to jump from 15,500ft, where the cadets then spend a minute in free fall before the instructor deployed the parachute. These cadets landed safely with huge beaming smiles on their face.

All the cadets should be extremely proud of themselves. There would be few people who could manage what they have achieved; apart from throwing themselves out of an aircraft, the cadets were also raising money for their chosen charities; this event will go a long way to help. Congratulations to everyone who took part; it was a huge achievement.